Education tools your child will love! (and you will too!) #TMInfluencer

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Recently I overheard a conversation between a couple of moms. Mom #1 was telling mom #2 that her daughter had scored 97% on a spelling test, and her daughter was upset she hadn’t done better. Mom #1 told her daughter she didn’t care, and spelling is not that important. After all, we all have auto correct.


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Living Green with Pets

With all of the issues of late with pets dying from the food they eat, a lot of people have begun looking at alternative ways to care for their pets. This even extends to the kind of flea collars that are used and toys bought for them. We want to keep our beloved furry friends healthy and around for a long time, but you can help the environment, too. So here are some tips for going green with your pets.

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I got my box! #SPBoxSwap

I’ve participated in a ‘Blogger Secret Santa’ program before, but this felt totally different.

I really liked the fact that I was connected with Jasmine right away and I was able to check out her social media profiles and get to know her a little better. It was nice to look through her posts and see we have some things in common, like a love for reading and makin’ goals. She has a DayZero list too! Continue Reading