Kate Spade Inspired Kitchen

I am a huge Kate Spade fan and if I could, everything in my house would be Kate Spade! Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit into my budget. 😂 I buy pieces here and there when I find them at my local Winners, but the selection in my town is seriously lacking!

*Shout out to my sister for giving me a GORGEOUS pink Kate Spade blanket for Christmas!*

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How to Teach Kids About Nutrition

Yes, I know, most kids are picky eaters! Sometimes they will ONLY eat mac and cheese or they will ONLY eat hot dogs and if that’s what works for you right now, then that’s great, because parenthood ain’t easy.

If you want to try though, check out a few of these tips. Just keep in mind – this doesn’t need to be stressful. If your kid is not receptive, that’s okay! At least you had the conversation, and maybe at a later time, they will be more receptive.

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