Reliving Memories with Journaling

Reliving Memories with Journaling can be fun for all family members. Just think, what if you could read old journals from your great-grandmother? I know I would be super interested in reading what was happening in my great-grandmother’s life when she was my age!

If you know anyone who is elderly, chances are you find yourself regretting that you did not ask them about their past sooner. Perhaps it is too late and that elder simply cannot remember. Maybe you were just too busy with family or career to ask those questions or record them.

However, awareness is half the battle. If you are aware that you would like to do something in regard to journaling an elder’s life story, now is the perfect time. With the internet being what it is, it is easier than ever to record it all.

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5 Ways Women Can Get Healthy Inside and Out

Women’s health is an important topic, as it is far too often that women spend more time taking care of others than they do themselves. They shuffle children to school and appointments, make sure they provide their family with nutritious meals and focus on everyone else around them. Women need to start making sure they are healthy both inside and out so they continue to have the energy and health to be able to handle the health and well-being of their families. There are five ways in which they can do so.

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