Color Blindness Definition, Causes and Types

How our eyes work has always been interesting to me. I did a project in 8th grade about it and since then it’s always interested me. I considered becoming an optician at one point!

Color blindness in particularly interesting to me. Even though I’m not color blind myself, there are several members of my family who are and we’ve taken maybe of those online color blindness tests over the years. Most of us don’t even think about what it would be like to be color blind, even though we hear about this expression all the time.

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What is a Panic Attack or Stress Attack?

For me, a panic attack means I feel like I can’t breathe, or there is a weight on my chest preventing me from breathing. I also get dizzy and nauseated, and have heart palpitations. After the panic attack is over, my whole body is exhausted.

A panic attack (aka Stress Attack) can be a very scary thing. Some sufferers feel as if they are choking or having a heart attack. But knowing what’s going on can go a long way in helping you cope with such an attack. Here is what a panic attack is, and some of its possible causes and symptoms.

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Why we Love Moncton FoamFest 2018

*This post is sponsored by FoamFest. All opinions stated below are 100% my own.*

Ahhh another FoamFest has come and gone, and it’s still our favorite race!

We went to our first FoamFest in 2014 so this was our fourth year completely the muddy, soapy course! Each year we count down the days and this year is no different! A few hours after we were done, there was already an announcement made for buying 2019 tickets! And you better believe we are counting down the days until the 2019 race!

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Exciting Health and Nutrition Tracker!

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Nowadays, most of us have a smart phone in our hand at some point throughout the day. How many of you hand off your phone to your kids while grocery shopping or when you need a minute of peace and quiet? I’m sure you have a couple games and apps on your phone, just for those few sweet, sweet minutes of quiet time. I want to introduce you to a brand new, innovative, and super fun health and nutrition app that’s going to change the way your family eats!

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