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  1. I am excited about my daughter graduating and beginning a new chapter in her life! She deserves it!

  2. This year , soon, we will be getting my daughter a new bed. It will be a loft bed with storage underneath.
    We also have plans at some point in 2015 to take a road trip to visit my parents .

  3. I am excited to stay more fit this year – we all chipped in and bought a treadmill now all I have to do is use it!


  4. I am excited to see what comes up in the flower beds around our new house. We moved in the week before Thanksgiving so I have no idea what might come up.

    • I am excited about watching my babies grow in 2015. My son will be starting pre-k and my baby girl will be conquering all kinds of milestones in her first year 🙂

  5. I’m really excited for things to start looking up. 2014 was a rough year and my Dad was diagnosed with cancer so I’m looking forward to him starting treatment and kicking cancers butt!

  6. I’m excited to start a new semester in school. And meet new people throughout the year

  7. I am excited to be able to play more with my son! Back survey was successful!!! No more sidelines for this Mama!

  8. To have a baby after we lost a child in December. So here’s to fertility

  9. I am excited about going to a convention this summer I have been saving up to go to for 2 years!

  10. I’m really looking forward to all the possibilities a new year brings. I don’t have any set plans for trips or anything but I plan on taking advantage of each moment I get.

  11. I am excited about all of the unexpected possibilities. Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life, maybe I’ll write a novel… maybe I’ll even win $15? Who knows? The most exciting things that happen in life are things you don’t know to be excited about yet.

  12. I am excited about attending Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Music Festival in May. Headliners include The Avett Brothers, Interpol, The Strokes, The Pixies, & Ryan Adams.

  13. I’m excited for the new year because I had a lot of big changes happen last year, that I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life with my kids. A happy life at that!

  14. I am excited about the new movies coming out especially the new Avengers. I also subscribed via email

  15. I am excited about all the possible positive opportunities that may come my way in 2015.

  16. I’m excited about going on my first cruise [as short as it is] and seeing my Mum and Brother again, since I moved up north we only get to see them about once a year, and we’re all going on the ship together.

  17. I’m excited that we are taking a family vacation this summer. It’s been several years since we’ve been able to do a family trip and we are going to hit the beach!

  18. tell me one thing you are excited about in 2015

    I’m having some long awaited surgery and I am excited to have it over with!

  19. I’m super excited to enjoy my new home. Just moved in last week and finally at the stage to start decorating!!!!! This year is going to be absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!

  20. I have started studying with the Mind Valley Academy, and I am trying to meditate and manifest great things in my life. I am working to open my third eye.

  21. The mystery. The new day always hitch the mystery that almost always make me excited to explore 😀

  22. I am excited to lose the last 10 lbs of a 75 lb weight loss since May 2014.

  23. I am excited to not be almost homeless like my family and I were year ago.

  24. I am excited for Spring to get here so I can start walking and riding my bike again and also to go on a trip with our 2 dogs to parks!

  25. I’m excited to move into a new place that we can make feel like a real home!

  26. i’m excited to start my new job and watching some super hero movies that come out this year. I’ve subscribed too.

  27. i i am excited towards this school year!

    i followed your your page through newsletter 🙂

  28. I am excited that my husband will be home in March from serving overseas….

  29. I am excited to have my hip surgeries so I won’t be in pain anymore, hopefully.

  30. I am excited about taking my daughter to Disney World for the first time. 🙂

  31. I am excited to celebrate my Big 4-0! And, my youngest will be going to kindergarten. Where has the time gone?

  32. I am excited to travel to Los Angeles for the first time. Later I am going to visit Las Vegas! I am very happy!

  33. We bought a new house & I can’t wait to see all of the fruit on the trees & the grapes on the arbor.

  34. I’m excited About i’ll get to teach my baby how to skate and do all kinds of thing in her life.and learn how to ride a bike and teach her how to dress up,even thought she is only 1 years old i get to see her grow up and can’t wait for her to ask me all these questions in life

  35. I’m excited about 2015 because we are taking a vacation to Nashville this year!

  36. I’m excited to introduce my little granddaughter to gardening this spring!

  37. The space probe New Horizons finally reaching Pluto after its 9 year Journey. It will be the closest we’ve ever been to Pluto and we can finally get a high res photo! This is the best we have so far.

  38. I’m most excited about hopefully my email being right if I win because I can’t see it.

  39. I’m excited about organizing and attending events in our healthy-eating meetup group.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  40. I am excited that my husband is returning after being overseas for work for a year!

  41. the first thing most excited about is our newest grandson arriving in February! that makes 4 grandchildren!

  42. I’m excited to get our finances back in order from the holidays and maybe successfully save up for Christmas this year.

  43. I’m excited for family camping this year, we bought a pop up trailer at the end of the season this year and cant wait to take it on some family adventures 🙂

  44. We are moving and starting a non-profit in 2015. It’s going to be an exciting year! Thanks for this chance to win! 🙂

  45. I’m excited about getting fit this year (got my treadmill all set up and I’ve even been using it!).

  46. I entered a sweepstakes and won a trip to Vegas! We just started getting the hotel and flights booked and I am having a ton of fun doing research and shopping online. A little nervous about having our toddler come along though. He’s nearly two and this will be his first flight. But the best part is my best friend of nearly 20 years lives in Las Vegas and is looking forward to babysitting while my husband and I go see a show and have dinner. <3

  47. I excited to get my full drivers license and in the process of making plans to travel China or Thailand on Volunteer Exchange Program.

  48. I am excited that my daughter is doing great things in 2015 with peace corp

  49. I’m excited about getting a new wheelchair. It’s almost done the building process!

  50. I am excited that i have quit smoking cigarettes! 8 Days so far Woop-Woop!!!!!

  51. I’m excited to finish my basement renovations and start enjoying my new recroom!

  52. Im excited to see my grandson’s 1st hula performance in Feb ! He is 3 and I can’t wait to see how he does!

  53. I am most excited about meeting my new godson and nephew who live in Canada this year.

  54. I am excited for a healthier year in 2015! My New Years resolution is to learn to cook healthier for my family! I have so much to learn, but am excited for our new journey of health!

  55. Doing field placement for my child and youth worker program I’m taking in college

  56. Im very excited this year. I just turned 36, I have 3 healthy happy boys and I’m going back to school for my bachelor’s degree. This is my year (and my families, because I love to share.) Here’s to life and all she brings!

  57. I just had my first child in December, so I am excited to see my little guy grow up in 2015

  58. My best friend and I set a New Years resolution of getting together the last Wednesday of every month. I’m looking forward to laughing till my face hurts and spending more time with my bestie!

    • Sorry for the triplicate name stuff
      Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  59. I’m excited with the possibility of starting a new life with my husband and kids in another country!

  60. I was most excited for the birth of my daughter Arya. She was born on January 16th!

  61. I am really excited for change. This year will be the start to a less stressful and more productive year for me!

  62. I’m excited to get back outside this spring and work on my new shade/flower garden!

  63. I’m looking forward to spending a week at the beach with the family this summer!

  64. The most exciting thing I am looking forward to is shifting to my husband’s place of posting after being apart since 2006. My family will be whole again.

  65. We are actually moving into our new house tomorrow so thats pretty exciting! I cant wait! It will be our first time having a large yard and a basement!

  66. I am excited to get organized this year, so far I have filled my house with a bunch of stuff to help with that.

  67. I won a trip through Wheel of Fortune. It’s not a country I would ever have been able to afford for myself, and it’s coming up in less than a week. I’m so hyped.

  68. Cette année je vais réaliser un vieux rêve faire une croisière, je suis toute excitée à cette idée.

  69. I am excited for growth. To watch my daughter grow from the 16 year old Sophomore to the 17 year old Junior, thinking about college and jobs…to watch my husband grow in his company and become even more the executive he has always wanted to be, and for my own personal growth with my hobbies, interests and goals. Its going to be an amazing year!

  70. I am excited about spending more time with my daughter and hopefully getting out of a lot of our debt.

  71. i am excited to start and hopefully complete potty training with my youngest this year.

  72. I am very excited for my granddaughter to start preschool this year 🙂

  73. I am excited that my heart function has improved,and look forward to a heart healthy 2015~

  74. I’m excited for a new year in general. It always feels like a fresh start and chance to change for the better.

  75. I’m excited for my daughter. If her writing gets accepted by one more professional publication she can finally call herself a Professional Writer. It’s very exciting time for her right now.

  76. 😀 Thanks so much !
    I’ve replied to the email with my Paypal info . I’m so happy to have won !

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