2014: A year in Review

2014 contained a lot of firsts for me. A lot of exciting stuff happened and I thought I would write it all out, so I can look back it at the end of 2015.2014 accomplishments year in review

  1. I ran my first 5k, and I ran 8 races total. I had wanted to run a 5k for SO long. I was so happy and proud once we finished, it was amazing! Throughout 2014 I ran a 3k, five 5ks, and two 5milers. I can’t wait to run a 10k in 2015!2014 medals for races
  2. I came in first place in a Taekwondo tournament. I was so nervous because we did a demo in the beginning but it went off without a hitch! I won first place a couple times this year. I have been to 5 tournaments total and have several medals I hang proudly!
  3. I got married. After 14 years it was time. (Or did we rush into things? hehe.) We got married in our Taekwondo suits, and even went to TKD class after the ‘ceremony’ which was at the court house. Our wedding cake had little dolls in Taekwondo suits too!tae kwon do cake topper wedding
  4. We bought our first home AND we didn’t need a mortgage! Through sheer will and determination, my husband and I were able to purchase our first home. We love it and the best part is it is 2 hours away from where we used to live! Leaving all negativity and toxic people behind in the process. We have clear minds and we are able to live peacefully!new house
  5. I got my Brown Belt in Taekwondo. The last testing of the year, December 20th, we received our brown belts. That puts us just ONE belt away from being black belts! The black belt testing is April 2015, and the four of us (husband, mom, brother and myself) will all receive our black belts at the same time.

What did you accomplish in 2014? Big or small, I want to here about it!!

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