2018 Product Guide

15+ bloggers have collaborated to bring you this 2018 product guide. Take a look below at the products we recommend. Stop by and visit our sponsors!

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  1. I think this one is awesome, for my kids, the Stimulate Creative Thinking with Oh! Toys!

  2. My children have the plasma car. It is probably one of the best toys I ever bought. They had a ton of fun with this! This toy was played with probably more than any other and I highly recommend it. Great gift guide

  3. I’m working on losing weight, and I really think the Body Analyzer Scale by INEVIFIT is a great tool!

  4. These are some great suggestions for Christmas gifts this year. The Kusmi teas for my daughter, the handbag hangers for all the women in the family and the oil diffuser for myself :).

  5. I am really love the look of the STS Blue jeans! They are so me and fit my style to the T!

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