5 Simple Things that will Promote Weight Loss

I have been pretty open with my weight loss strategies and challenges. Lately I have been doing a few easy things that seem to be helping me, I wanted to share them with you!

5 Simple Things to Promote Weight Loss

  1. 30 Minutes of Activity a day. It could be a run, or just a walk, or even yoga. Just do SOMETHING!
  2. 8,000 steps a day. It seems like A LOT. But once you are done with your 30 minute walk or run you already racked up at least 3k steps. Be mindful and try take a few extra steps each day. When I brush my teeth I will step in place, it’s only a few extra but it adds up!
  3. Take the stairs. Yes, this is a ‘common’ tip, but I’m serious. Every time I go to the washroom I go to the one upstairs. My fitbit tracks how many staircases I climb and I try to do at least 10 a day, and since I drink so much water… It’s a lot of trips to the potty!
  4. Water. I have been working really hard at drinking at least 2 liters a day and I have been pretty successful for the most part. I find it helps suppress hunger, so I can hold off on eating a little longer.
  5. Have fruits or veggies within reach. We set a big bowl on the table and put a couple apples, oranges, pears, and bananas in it. When you are hungry or want a snack grab a fruit before going into the kitchen. You could do the same with veggies too.

Is there and easy habit you have developed that promotes a healthy lifestyle?

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