52 Week Saving Money Challenge!

Money saving challenge with the 52 week challenge!

52 Week Saving Money Challenge!

Personally, I need a lot of help when it comes to saving money. Can I let you in on a little secret? I LOVE to go shopping! Seriously, I am a shop-o-holic! Luckily I am addicted to the sales and clearance section because I love a good bargain.

But running two businesses from home means I have to watch my budget carefully and one of the things I really need to get on top of is saving money! You never know when you will need to fall back on savings! I think it’s about time I get it in gear and start saving money.

saving money with the 52 week challenge!

This 52 week challenge is the PERFECT way to get started. You start with small amounts you barely notice and as you get going you will become stricter and smarter with your money. The highest amount you ever need to put into your savings account will be $52 and even that can be reasonable once you have built up that self-control!

Once the year is over you have a nice amount of money saved up for Christmas, Holidays, a Vacation, or a shopping spree. 😉

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What would you do with your savings?

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