Beginner Runner – First 5k

It finally happened, after years of wanting to do it but never having the guts (or physical ability) my Fiance and I finished a 5k!

Beginner Runner - First 5k

I was really worried about being the slowest person there, or having to walk the whole way, or holding people up and getting in the way, but we actually did way better then we have ever done. We had only been training for a couple months and were up to 5 minute intervals, (5min run/3min walk). When we were actually running the 5k though, adrenalin took over. We ran most of the way, only stopping five or six times for a minute or two. We finished in 37 minutes. I was so proud!

Usually when we were ‘training’ we didn’t bring water with us, but since we ran a LOT more then usual during the 5k I wish I would have brought some water. During the run there was a water station set up with gatorade or water, but I found I needed more. I need to find a good hydration belt for next time, it really would have came in handy!

runner at the finish line

Seconds before the finish line!

I have a tendency to belittle the things I do. I told myself in the weeks leading up to the 5k that it wasn’t a big deal, people do it all the time, I would probably end up walking most of it any ways. I really need to stop talking to myself like that! Finishing a 5k, especially your first, IS a big deal! It’s an accomplishment, and a goal I’ve had for YEARS.

Beginner Runner - First 5k

No matter what time you finish, you should be proud! I can’t wait for the next run, and I really want to do a 10k now!

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  1. Way to go!!! I’ve never done a 5K but have been thinking about walking/jogging one with a friend! congrats! yes1 this is a big deal!

  2. I have wished for such a long time that I could to a 5K or length for that matter. Kudos to you and congrats on your accomplishment!

  3. Great post and great job! I’m running my first in July. I’m a little nervous, but your tips help calm me. 🙂

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