Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin #theskinregime

If anyone needs a beautiful skin boot camp – it’s me. Since 13 I have been dealing with acne and at 29 years old I was still trying to find something to get rid of it! I was so excited to read The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin!

Boot camp for beautiful skin

Never again will I waste my money on expensive skin care items that don’t work! I always figured they were junk because they never worked for me, but I figured it was just my skin that was the problem. The author takes time to explain and walk you through finding a better – and less expensive – skin care routine that works. I was pushed to take a look through all of the skin care products I have bought over the last few years and just toss them. It’s nice to use products that aren’t as harsh on my skin – the products I had were doing more damage then good any ways!

The program is 6 weeks long and I am a little over half way through. I was able to buy new products at the drug store that contain the same ingredients but without the hefty price tag. I wish I had found this before because I have spent a fortune on acne treatments that either never worked or helped for a short period of time. What was the point? Drugstore brands work just as well as the huge companies charged 5 times more!

Included in the purchase of The Skin Regime book is a sample of the ‘1-4-ALL’ peel. This is key to your skin makeover. It’s a professional level peel but you can do it in the comfort of your own home with a much lighter price tag. I have done the peel twice and while I still have some acne I can see an improvement and I am excited to see the results after every peel!

On top of reading The Skin Regime and using the 1-4-all peel, I have also started drinking more water and eating more fruits and veggies, I feel this has helped my skin too. I feel that you need to pamper your skin inside and out if you want to see the best results!

Enter to win a copy of the best selling book ‘The Skin Regime’ AND a sample of the 1-4-all peel!

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  1. My biggest skin concern is oiliness and the fact that my skin is acne prone.

  2. My biggest concern is my cystic acne (and i’ve also started to notice my acne has been leaving scars which its never done before…so that’s also pretty concerning lol)

  3. my biggest concern is allergic rashes- I have to avoid coming into contact with many specific weeds, also I have food allergies to several things…I just get all red and blotchy (my face) its just awful

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