A boy and his Dogs (and Turtle.)

If you have dogs you will understand this, first comes the joy of getting a new puppy, then comes mess on the floor. Loki is the name, King of mischief and evil. He has even peed on my foot while I was playing Skyrim! Loki is a beagle.

a boy and his dogs

Thor is a beagle too, and he is a rescue. He has his own style of grinding my gears, he likes wedging himself into my arms and anchoring himself to the bed, while kicking me and whining. He loves to cuddle and whines if you stop petting him.

The chiweenie who is loco for love, loco for jumping, loco for running, and all to help her steal my food. The chiweenie’s name is Leia and she is a mini dachshund and a chihuahua mix. She has a rapid fire yap and will yap at the wall if she does not like the shade of green. Leia is little pig as well, she will try and eat everyone elses food once she is done with her own. Even though she is the smallest she will steal from the biggest dog.

The mini dachshund’s name is Lola. We always say when she barks it sounds like she is saying ‘red rum’. She is a pig like Leia. Lola is Jessica’s baby. As soon as Jessica says her name, even if she whispers it, Lola will come running.

Lily a white bichon frise and poodle mix. Very sweet, she just lays down all day. She is the calm in the chaos. She looks like a little lamb. Lily only answers to me of all people. She is not a pig at all, she never really eats fast, sometimes she won’t even finish her food.

Punk is a jerk, and he smells but we love him. He is a yorky-poo and is Lily’s brother. Punk is charcoal color not white like Lily. He is nine years old. He loves you, but only from a distance. ‘Growl’ is the only word in his vocabulairy.

a boy and his dogs

Spike is a rotty and boxer mix. If anyone tries to break in they will close the door faster then they opened it due to a massive one hundred pound beast staring in to their eyes. He is so strong we needed a cow collar for nine years and we changed it for a indestructible kong collar. They store said there is no chance he will break it. I usually don go for plastic clip collars because I am afraid they will break but this one has held up.

Tokka is my turtle. A cool animal, add a rock, a tank, water, a light, a filter, and food is all he needs. He has a special light and bulbs with uv properties! I got the name from an old Ninja Turtles movie. I got Tokka 2 years ago when I tested for my green belt in Taekwondo.

*This post was written by my little brother Zac in 2014. If you know Zac you know his love of animals. He will tell you as soon as he meets you. He loves his dogs more then anything.*

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