Make changing after races so much easier with Orange Mud! #ad

Orange Mud, where have you been all my (running) life? This Transition & Seat Wrap is going to make my life so much easier! Let me tell you how difficult it is changing your sweaty and muddy clothing after a race…

changing towel and seat cover

From the company:

“Innovation From Frustration” is our motto. Check out our hydration packs, gym bags, and fun workout accessories to see what we mean by this!

Earlier this summer my friends and I ran a mud run. It was the best race we have done so far, it was SO much fun! But holy cow, were we ever muddy afterwards! Just to jog your memory, we were completely full of mud. We literally rolled around in it! Check out this picture to get an idea:

mud hero super muddy

After the race we tried to clean up at the hose down station, but a hose can only go so far. We would hose off our legs but our shorts were so soaked we would have mud running down our legs seconds later, of course we needed to change. Do you know how awkward and uncomfortable it is to change your clothes in front of friends, family, and strangers? We did our best to stay modest but struggling to change your pants in the back seat of a car while your sister holds up a towel is just weird.

I really wish I had found Mud Orange’s Transition & Seat Wrap earlier.

Tranistion seat and wrap

Look how easy this is! The towel is designed with a built in belt clip so it will stay secure while you change from your sweaty, wet, and muddy clothes. When you are done changing it transitions to a seat cover, keeping your car seats clean! There is a zip on hoodie that fits right over your headrest so when you sit down it doesn’t slide down your seat.

With two more mud runs coming up this summer this will make things so much easier! Orange Mud’s goal with their products is to make your life easier. We have all been there; frustrated and thinking, ‘There has to be a better way!’. Now I’ve found it!

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