Cold Weather Fitness Safety Tips

Getting some fitness in during the winter time can be really fun, but it can also be dangerous. No one likes the cold, but it’s also physically dangerous. When working out in the cold make sure you are prepared. Follow these tips to make sure you stay safe while outdoors.

Cold Weather Fitness Safety

Do you know the signs of frostbite?

One of the biggest things you have to know about frostbite is that it doesn’t ‘hurt’ like a regular pain but it can cause a lot of damage. It starts as a numb feeling or a sense of stinging. If you suddenly can’t feel a limb or other part of your body get inside and warm up immediately. Frostbite is most common in your hands, toes, cheeks, and nose.

Keep your cell phone on you.

Personally, I don’t like to carry my cell phone with me while working out, but that changes during the winter. Make sure to carry it at all times. There are so many situations where it could save your life, or someone else’s life. You never know when you will get caught in a snowstorm, get injured, or even find another runner who needs help.

Keep an eye on the forecast.

It’s not just snowstorms you need to watch out for. If it suddenly starts raining, the water can soak your clothes. By the time you are able to get back inside, you may be chilled to the bone and need medical attention. Strong winds can also lead to plummeting body temperatures.

Always check the weather forecast before heading outside, especially if you will be far from your house.

Sunscreen – even in the winter.

You would think that winter means no sun, right? Wrong. It’s actually easy to get sunburned in the snow like you would on the beach. Protect your skin!

Always dress for the weather.

Make sure your clothing is warm and waterproof. You should also make sure all areas are covered, so very little skin is exposed. Layer up if you need to!

Working out in the cold winter is possible if you are smart about it. Wear appropriate clothes and make sure to carry a cellphone. Keep an eye on the weather and above all be safe!


  1. Sunscreen? You need the vitamin D. Go for sun exposure in the winter and get your vitamin D. Crucial.

    • While you do need vitamin d, you still want to avoid skin damage. Sunscreen will lower the vitamin d levels, but it will protect you.

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