Deciding to Start a DIY Tiny House Journey

I’ve been obsessed with the thought of building a DIY tiny house for a few years now. I have spent hours on pinterest and google, looking up plans, tips and tricks, storage ideas, etc. Eventually the idea just kind of slipped away from me as life wore on. Recently… I’ve been dreaming again, and this time, I’m going for it.

Welcome to my Tiny Tuesday Series!

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting something related to our tiny house journey. From pricing to planning to building to designing to decorating… I’m going to share it all with you guys!

First of all, I want to talk about “why”. Specifically why we decided to go forward with plans to build a DIY Tiny House.

Deciding to Start a “DIY Tiny House Journey”

  • I’ve always wanted to build or design a home. I especially love looking up the Kent model homes and looking at the different layouts. I’ve also have always loved the idea of building a house from the ground up.
  • In the past 6 months, I’ve been really exploring minimalism and cutting down on clutter and things I just don’t *need*. I find it refreshing and kind of freeing to just go through my “stuff” and donate things I don’t need or haven’t used.
  • I’ve mentioned it before, but I am also on a mission to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If I were to build a tiny house, I would love to have it as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Guys, I really love being alone. The thought on my own tiny home, on a plot of land completely surrounded by trees, is just heaven to me.
  • I would love to live completely off grid. I’m still looking into the ‘legality’ of it, but I would love to live off solar panels as my source of power!

Of course, I know there will be some struggles to living in a tiny house. Especially transitioning from a house that’s honestly too big for us, AND bringing our dogs to live in a tiny home too! But, that is a topic for another day!

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