Ease Morning Sickness Naturally #ad

If you are suffering from morning sickness, this post is for you. You can ease morning sickness naturally with Three Lollies products. They are yummy too!

Ease Morning Sickness Naturally Your Healthy Year

Morning sickness is something that occurs in more then half of all pregnant women and typically appears in the first 3 months of a pregnancy. No one knows for sure what causes morning sickness, but there is definitely something you can do to ease your discomfort.

Three Lollies has several products to help you ease your morning sickness. Their products are all natural, drug-free, and recommended by healthcare professionals. Today I want to introduce you to three of their terrific products.

First up we have ‘Preggie Pop Drops’. The drops come in 4 delicious flavours and have 21 pieces in a case. They are made with just 5 simple ingredients.


Preggie Pops are lollipops and come in 7 different flavours. They are made with all-natural ingredients. You can also use them to alleviate dry mouth and give you an energy boost during labour. One package contains 7 lollipops.


The final product I want to show you today is preggie naturals chews. The chews provide 10mg of vitamin b6 which is vital for your babies growing brain and nervous system. It also helps mommy metabolize protein, fats, and carbohydrates. The chews come in 3 different flavours.


Everyone knows morning sickness is no joke. With products from Three Lollies you can feel confident that what you are taking will not only ease the effects of morning sickness, but they are 100% natural, all products are drug-free, and they are all recommended by healthcare professionals!

*I was sent product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions stated above are 100% my own.*


  1. I remember the days of feeling icky from morning sickness. I heard these worked really well. Its about time things like these became accessible to expecting mother to get them through the fist few rough months.

  2. Oooh! I love products like this! I had all-day nausea with both of my pregnancies and I used some ginger chews from the natural foods store that worked well. I remember hearing about the lolly pops…but I was done being pregnant by then 🙁 However, I will definitely recommend them to friends. I had forgotten all about them!

  3. I’ve tried these before. The sour hard candies were my favorite. It really did help with some of my morning sickness

  4. Wow, I wish they had stuff like this when I was having babies. All I had were crackers :).

    Looks like a pregger’s life-saver 🙂

  5. This is great news for pregnant women! Morning sickness really is a challenge. Some mothers loose weight because of it. I’m glad there are products like these that make pregnancy a lot bearable! ^_^

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