Easy Yogurt Cups (with reusable dishes!) #canningparty

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I’ve been trying to cut down on waste this year so for all our meal and snack prep I have been using reusable dishes and sandwich containers. Plastic litter takes thousands of years to decompose. Thousands. Plastic waste that doesn’t make it to landfills ends up littering our streets, parks, and oceans.

One small change I implemented is that I stopped buying single serve yogurt cups. I buy the big tubs and dish out servings in our reusable plastic containers or mason jars. This not only saves a lot of extra garbage, but it also saves money because the big tubs of yogurt costs considerably less then single serve yogurt cups.

Easy Yogurt Cups (with reusable dishes!) #canningparty

Easy Yogurt Cups (with reusable dishes!)

I have mentioned a few times (okay, A LOT of times) that I love quick and easy hacks that make meal and snack prep a breeze. These easy yogurt cups are no exception and by using mason jars, they are easily stacked and stored in the fridge.

Plus, you can easily change things up so you can have a different yogurt parfait every day.

Easy Yogurt Cups (with reusable dishes!) #canningparty
  • 1 tub of yogurt (whatever flavors you prefer)
  • Fruits
  • Granola
  • Flax seed or Chia seed
  • Cookies or candy if you want something extra sweet.
  • Four 4oz Mason Jars
  1. Divide the yogurt into mason jars. One 750g tub divides nicely between four 4oz mason jars
  2. Prepare your toppings and pour over top of the yogurt.
  3. Put on the lid and store in the fridge.

Easy Yogurt Cups (with reusable dishes!) #canningparty

I usually divide my yogurt on snack prep days and then in the morning while packing lunch, I add my toppings. You can store the yogurt in mason jars in the fridge for quite a while, but some of the toppings get soggy, so I try to get the yogurt eaten up within a few hours of adding the toppings.

We’ve been making our own pickles and salsa for quite awhile now so we are in no shortage of mason jars. Canning is super easy and fun and it’s a great way to make your veggies from the garden last longer too. Canning is a yearly ritual in my house! Bernardin makes it super easy to get started, you can get everything you need from Walmart and Canadian Tire! They even have started kits with instructions if you are a canning newbie. This makes it even easier to get started!

I have to admit, I have a bit of a mason jar obsession. One thing I love to do that really cuts down on extra waste is bring mason jars to bulk food stores and use them instead of the little plastic bags or disposable dishes provided at the store. I bought chalkboard stickers and use them to keep my jars organized. This is just one more little way I can reuse mason jars and cut down on waste!

Easy Yogurt Cups (with reusable dishes!) #canningparty

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