30 Day Fitness Challenge Ideas – Week Two.

You can check out Week One of the Fitness Challenge here!

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Here’s how I did last week:

  • Monday (May 26th) – Ripped in 30 dvd, 1hour Taekwondo class, and a 5km walk. 10,081 Steps!
  • Tuesday (May 27th) – 2.5km run, Ripped in 30 dvd, and 2hour Taekwondo class. 8,958 steps.
  • Wednesday (May 28th) – No Taekwondo today, but I walked a total of 14km and hit 21,327 steps!
  • Thursday (May29th) – Ripped in 30 dvd and 1hour Taekwondo class. Forgot to wear my fitbit! šŸ™
  • Friday (May30th) – 2.5km runĀ and 1hour Taekwondo class. I forgot to wear my fitbit again for most of the day! I only remembered to wear it for class and got 3,386 steps.
  • Saturday (May 31st) – This was supposed to be a ‘rest day’ but there was a yard sale and bake sale to raise money for our club to go to Korea to compete in the Mulympics! I ended up getting 8,216 steps!
  • Sunday (June 1st) – Walked 6km and hit 14,859 steps.

Six out of seven days last week I hit 8 glasses of water, and I ateĀ at least 2 fruits or veggies everyday! (my goal wasĀ at leastĀ one). I only drank ONE Iced CapĀ last week! I’m happy the caffeine is out of my system.

Here are my goals for this week:

  1. 30 minutes of being active.Ā I’m bumping it up by ten minutes this week!
  2. At least one day of strength training.Ā I’m not a fan of strength exercises but it is SO important! You can check out an arm day workout here, leg day here, and a workout with no equipment needed here
  3. At least 2 fruits and veggies a day.Ā Just adding one on from last week!
  4. At least 8 glasses of water a day.Ā Same goal as last week! Drink your water!

What do you think of this week’s Fitness Challenge Ideas? How did you do last week?


  1. Wow! That is a serious workout. I haven’t heard of the Ripped in 30 DVD? I’m guessing you would recommend it. I’m also interested in adding a martial art to my exercise regimen. It’s great training.

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