Need a new Fitness Tracker?

I have said it many times before; I love using a fitness tracker! It helps motivate me and remind me I need to get my steps in.  They can help push you towards more activity, whether or not you believe in the ’10k steps a day rule’!

Need a new Fitness Tracker?

There are SO many fitness trackers on the market, and honestly, they all do pretty much the same thing. I made a little list of trackers I have used personally and some I haven’t used yet. (but really want to!)

  1. Fitbit – I have had my Fitbit for close to 3 years now and I love it. I have the Fitbit Ultra which has been discontinued but my husband has the Fitbit One and it is just as awesome. The Fitbit Charge HR is on my Christmas wishlist this year, all the benefits of a Fitbit PLUS it’s a heart rate monitor!
  2. Lifetrak – I have been wearing the Lifetrak Zone C410W for over two months now and I only take it off to shower or when I am at Taekwondo. You can read my review here. I seriously love this watch!
  3. Polar Watches – I have heard so many great things about these watches. You can read Jennifer’s review of the Polar M400 on We Love Playtime here!
  4. BodyMedia Fit – I loved this activity tracker because I could wear it during Taekwondo classes. Since you wear it on your arm, it is out of sight. The calorie burn on it was super accurate because it is also a heart rate monitor. Sadly, it stopped working and I don’t know why!
  5. Jawbone UP – I think this is a pretty cool looking fitness tracker! It is super simple so you can’t really tell it IS a fitness tracker. The downside is there is no info at your finger tips, unless you look at the app of course!
  6. Garmin Vivofit– I have heard great things about this fitness tracker, and what do you expect from Garmin? You can get them pretty cheap right now, just $70 or $80 if you want the version with a heart rate monitor. I love that this watch will assign you daily goals based on your activity level. This would be perfect for someone who is just beginning to exercise and walk daily!
  7. Withings Pulse – I only had a Withings for a short time because one of the puppies thought it might taste good! (I’m looking at you Loki!!) The Withings is great for running. It can automatically tell when you are running and tracks data you can check out later!
  8. Pivotal Living Band – Definitely one of the more inexpensive bands! It costs just $30 shipped. It tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance, and even hydration. It also has a stopwatch feature and connects via bluetooth to Android and iOS devices! With such a small price tag, I think I need to check this out for myself!

What is your favorite fitness tracker? Which one would you LOVE to try?

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