Gifts for Girls Who Love Sports

Do you have a girl in your life who loves getting active, playing sports, and watching them on TV? Check out my list of Gifts for Girls Who Love Sports! I know I would have LOVED these gifts when I was younger!

Gifts for Girls Who Love Sports

I have been active my entire life so I am pretty sure I know what active girls want for gifts!

  1. Gentle Hair Ties – I wear my hair in a high ponytail 80% of the time. A couple years ago I ended up breaking and damaging a lot of hair because I wasn’t using gentle hair ties!
  2. KidFit Fitness Tracker – There are SO many fitness trackers on the market these days so of course there is one marketed towards kids! A daily activity goal is set and motivates your child to get moving. This tracker also tracks sleep!
  3. Their Favourite Team Jersey: This is an obvious one, right? What kid wouldn’t want a jersey from their favourite sports hero?!
  4. Exercise Playing Cards: The perfect stocking stuffer for active kids… Pick a card – do the exercise!
  5. Trampoline – Even if you don’t have the space outside for a huge trampoline, you can get a small indoor trampoline. It’s perfect for rainy days when kids need to burn off energy.
  6. Wii U – There are so many games that will get kids moving with the Wii U. The Sports Club games are a great choice!
  7. Gear for Their Favorite Sport – Do they need new cleats? Shin guards? A new uniform? If it’s something they are going to need and you are going to have to buy anyway, save yourself some money and give it to them for Christmas.
  8. Personalised Water Bottle – Choose your font, wording, and image and you can give the whole family a customised bottle!

What do you think of my list? I hope I’ve given you a few ideas!

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