3 Reasons Why you are gonna love HelloFresh! #hellofreshlife

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When my first shipment from HelloFresh arrived I was beyond excited! 3 flavorful meals that take less then 30 minutes to make? Yes please!! Check out the amazing recipe I made below, and who I think would LOVE HelloFresh!

You are gonna love HelloFresh!

In your HelloFresh shipment, depending on your preferences, you will receive 3-4 meals for 2-4 people, and there is a vegetarian option too. Each meal has all the fresh ingredients you need to make a gorgeous meal, in under 30 minutes!

You are gonna love HelloFresh!

You are gonna love HelloFresh if:

  • You enjoy trying new things: The meals I received in my boxes, including the Seared Beef Noodles featured in this post, were recipes I had never tried before! HelloFresh really helps you broaden your culinary horizons!
  • You want quick and easy meals: Each meal takes under 30 minutes to prepare, which is awesome considering we are all so busy these days!
  • You want to eat healthier: The meals all included fresh ingredients and produce like broccoli, onions, carrots – just to name a few!

Each meal comes in a separate bag and has a large recipe card that shows all the ingredients needed for the recipe. The instructions are easy to follow, and even shows pictures for certain steps. I am not the best cook in the world and I found it easy to follow.

You are gonna love HelloFresh!

My 15 year old brother made one of the recipes for himself and our mother, and he had no problems following the directions either! I was pretty impressed!

If you are curious, I encourage you to go take a peek around HelloFresh‘s website! Don’t forget to check out the different mouth watering meals they are currently serving here!

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