Growing Broccoli Indoors (Indoor Gardening Part 3)

After making a DIY Herb Garden and starting to Grow Tomatoes Indoors, my next project is growing Broccoli indoors. My family loves broccoli and being able to grow it all year round would be SO awesome!

growing broccoli indoors

Before we moved I never thought it would be possible to grow so many things indoors. Now we have plenty of space and windows to grow plants. I got myself started with some indoor plants that will grow all year round. It’s great in the winter when fruits and veggies aren’t in season, they are often too expensive for me to want to buy!

To start growing broccoli indoors, you will need a container that is at least 8′ deep and 20″ wide so you have plenty of room for your broccoli plant to grow. This size will be big enough for one or two plants, so if you want to do more then that you will either need more planters, or bigger containers!

You want to make sure that you keep the soil moist at all time, the plants need plenty of water. Make sure your soil drains easily and is fertile. Your broccoli plants will need at least 8 hours of light during the day. If you don’t have a window for adequate light, you can always purchase a grow light.

Plant your broccoli seeds according to the package but keep in mind that growing plants indoors does take longer then growing them outside, but it will be well worth the extra wait, especially in the colder months!

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