Growing Tomatoes Indoors (Indoor Gardening Part 2)

I can’t wait for Spring. I have been excited since we moved. I can’t wait to start growing gardens and trees anywhere and everywhere! In the mean time I have taken on growing some indoor plants. My first project is Growing Tomatoes Indoors!

Growing Tomatoes Indoors

I first started my little project by buying some seeds, soil, and jiffy pots. I started all my seeds in jiffy pots so they would be easy to put into bigger pots. The jiffy pots can be placed right in soil and breakdown, so you don’t harm the plant when transplanting.


When growing tomatoes indoors, you need to keep in mind that the tomatoes are going to be smaller then if you grow them outside. If you plan on growing 1 plant in a pot you will need a 6inch pot, with a 12inch pot you can grow two plants.

You have to make sure your plant will get adequate light, so make sure you have a spot in mind before you get started. The best tomatoes to grow indoors are cherry or plum tomatoes. A small type of tomato is best for growing indoors.


Keep your tomato plants warm, between 65º-85ºF. You can use a heating lamp to keep them warm. Make sure to turn the pots around regularly so your plants evenly get sunlight.

Once your plants start to grow and bear fruit you will need a stake so you can tie them up. You can use 1/4 inch dowels found at any hardware store . They will do perfectly. You can start new plants from seed every two weeks and you will have a continuous supply all year round.

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