Healthy Valentine’s Day ideas.

Are you or your partner looking to stay on track with your fitness goals while celebrating Valentine’s day? Or maybe you are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle in general! That’s what everyone should be focusing on anyway. 😉 If you are planning your Valentine’s day event, check out these Healthy Valentine’s Day ideas!

Healthy Valentine's Day ideas


Chocolates, teddy bears, and lavish dinners are the norm for Valentine’s day ideas. But if you or your partner are trying to stick to your healthy goals, Valentine’s day can easily throw you off track! Here are a few ideas that can help keep your goals in check!

Healthy valentine’s day ideas:

  • Are chocolates and flowers on your must have list? Try an edible bouquet. You can customize your fruits, and even have chocolate dipped fruits. Two birds, one stone, and they are beautiful! You can order them online too, saving you time and money! Have them delivered and everything is taken care of for you!
  • Have an active date. Go skating, sledding, skiing… You get the picture! Burn calories and have a lot of romantic fun!
  • If you want an active date night idea, but being outside isn’t an option, there are lots of places you can go for an active date. You can go indoor rock climbing, visit an indoor trampoline park, go to an indoor skating rink, or if you are feeling really adventurous, sign you and your date up for a fitness class!
  • If you are dining out, make sure to follow these tips when dining out! Keep your calories in check and enjoy your night out!
  • If you are a book lover like me, you would probably enjoy a library and coffee date! It’s easy to plan and it’s almost free, all you need to do is buy the coffee. Make sure you bring your library card, I always end up with an arm-full of books!
  • Bust out the candles and cook your loved one a romantic meal at home. You can control what goes into the meal! It’s way more romantic to cook for someone too! Plus, you don’t have to go anywhere and you will end up saving lots of money!
  • If you and your significant other are runners, you can sign up for a Valentine’s day race if there is one near you. If there’s not one close to you, turn it into a night away! Staying in a hotel is always fun and it makes for a perfect weekend getaway, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Healthy valentine's day ideas.

Using these ideas makes for a spontaneous and unique Valentine’s day celebration. Personally I would LOVE to attend a Valentine’s day race. What better way to spend the day with your date then running a race, and getting a fun medal while you are at it? In fact, I think I’ll go look for a race near me right now!

Do you have any healthy valentine’s day ideas?

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