Four Easy Ideas for Holiday Scents

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From November to January it’s just a blur of Holidays. When you are decorating, prepping for the Holidays, and entertaining guests, what do you want your house to smell like?

Four Easy Ideas for Holiday Scents

I know, it’s kind of a silly question, but Holiday scents can really help us get into the spirit and bring back childhood memories that make us feel all warm and cozy.

Candles are the obvious choice for filling your home with yummy smells, but if you have a cat or kids, candles are not the safest way to go. Here are a few products that can help you find great Holiday Scents!

  • Scented Tree Ornaments – So. Easy. Literally just hang the ornaments on the tree and voila! This is a great way to make your fake tree smell real!
  • Table Ornaments – When you are decorating your table for Holiday dinners, adding a table ornament is a gorgeous item that serves two purposes; yummy smells and beautiful decor.
  • Scented Sprigs – This is a sneaky way to add some holiday fragrance to your holiday decorations. Just hide a sprig in your tree, wreaths, or anywhere else you want!
  • BURSTS – It’s like a wax melt – but better. Each burst is the equivalent of four wax melts!

All of the products mentioned above can be found on ScentSicles website, along with a few other goodies. Check them out if you are looking for safe and easy ways to decorate your home with the smells of the season!

I think my favorite holiday scents would be cinnamon or the classic smell of a real Christmas tree!

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