How to start a blog and share your passion #ad

So you found your passion and you want to share it with the world? It’s time to start a blog. Let me walk you through 3 easy steps on how to start a blog so you can get started!

How to start a blog and share your passion in 3 easy steps

Get creative and choose your blog’s URL. You might need to come up with two or three names that you love, just in case one is taken. Need some help with blog names? Try out this blog name generator! Once you have a name ready, it’s time to get started! Head on over to and get signed up, they offer a free domain name when you sign up!

How to start a blog and share your passion.

Choose your (super affordable) plan. When you sign up for your first term you pay only $3.49 per month on the smallest plan, which is probably what you will want when you are just starting out. (You can easily upgrade once your website gets bigger.) With the cheapest plan you get 1 domain name, 100gb of website space, and unlimited bandwidth. You also get fun stuff like your own email accounts that match your blog name ( and $50 in marketing offers! That’s a great start towards getting your website noticed!

bluehost signup

Once you have chosen your plan you can choose your domain name, or enter your existing domain name. Once you have chosen your name you can complete the signup and start blogging!¬†will help you set up wordpress and once it’s set up and ready to go they will email you with the details on how to get started.

Now it’s time to completely customize your blog. Make it everything you want it to be!

*I have been compensated for this post.*


  1. This is awesome information and I have been wanting to start my own blog. It is my goal to start it this summer. I am for sure going to check this out. Thanks so much for sharing.

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