Legs for Literacy 2014 and the Challenge that started it all!

This past weekend we ran the 5k for Legs for Literacy. My husband and I, and my sister and her boyfriend ran it together. We all beat our times from our last race by a full minute! It felt great and is really encouraging when a run goes so well.

legs for literacy

The course was flat for the most part with just a couple small inclines, making for a great run. We picked up our pace significantly from the last race. We stopped twice, once I had an odd cramp in my shoulder, and then my side, the we stopped a second time close to the end. 32:41 was this runs time, beating my last time of 33:59.

I am so ready to do a 10k. Well, what I should say is I am so ready MENTALLY to do a 10k. I know physically I wouldn’t be able to run an entire 10k yet. I am fine with having to stop and walk a few times. I am anxious to complete our first 10k! We have done two 5mile/8k races so I think we can definitely complete a 10k and be proud of my time.

The next race is on November 1st and we registered for the 5k. We have decided to run our first 10k next spring.

New Brunswick Challenge 2014

After this race I also received the ‘New Brunswick Challenge 2014’ medal. I earned it by running 4 races in New Brunswick, the Fredriction Marathon, Miramichi Peak Performance, Emera Marathon by the Sea, and Legs for Literacy.

medals new brunswick races

This is the challenge that started it all. I found this challenge way back in April and after convincing my husband, he agreed to run it with me. I tried to get my sister to run it too but she wasn’t ready yet, I was super excited when they did start joining us for races.

Next year all four of us will be trying for not only the New Brunswick Challenge, but aslo the Maritime Running Challenge, and the Ultimate Running challenge. To complete all three of these you need to run four runs in NB, and then one in PEI and NS.

I’m really excited to start next year’s running schedule!

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