Mole Alert – When you Should Seek Medical Help.

Moles are pigmented areas on the skin that show up as dark spots. I know you have at least one. Not all moles are the same though, some moles might need to be checked out by your doctor.

Mole Alert - When you Should Seek Medical Help.

Moles seem to pop up on the skin wherever they want to. If they are on the upper lip or on the tops of your feet they are considered beauty marks. Most moles are harmless, they are uniform in color, and are barely raised. Now a days people are taking a second look at their moles. After years of sun exposure and harmful UV rays a mole can be a warning sign of skin cancer.

How can you tell if your mole is just a mole? Here are a few things to look out for:

Shape – Most moles, no matter what their size are roundish in shape. If you mole has irregular edges, you should get it checked out.

Size – Moles usually stay the same in size. If you detected it as a pinhole, it should stay a pinhole. When you notice that your mole seems to be getting bigger, that is a cause for further investigation.

Color – This is a bit harder to see since moles contain a lot of melanin and are usually dark. People of different skin colors can have brown or even reddish moles that are normal. Changes in color throughout the surface of the mole could signify something more.

Moles are just a part of life. You usually develop them as a young adult but they can continue to form in later stages of life. Pregnancy can also result in more mole production. Many woman will find them often during this time.

We don’t usually make a habit of checking our bodies for moles but if you spend a lot of time in the sun without protection you may want to have a doctor check you out once in a while.

If you experience any of the following signs, you should talk to your doctor ASAP:

– Bleeding or other discharge from a mole.
– It becomes painful or red around the mole.
– The mole grows, changes shape or color.
– It burns or becomes itchy.

Having your dermatologist examine your skin on a regular basis can ease your mind. Biopsies can be taken for early detection and successful treatment.

Learning these warning signs can help you determine if something is going on and when to speak to your doctor.


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