Plug2Know makes a great Money Saving Gift!

Are you worried about your power bill this Holiday season? Would you like to lower your energy bill in 2016? Cymbrio has made it super easy for us to learn how we can lower our energy consumption – and our power bill – with one simple invention! The Plug2Know!

Save Money During the Holidays (1)

This year you can give a gift that keeps on giving all year long! Give the gift of savings! Give your friends and family a Plug2Know and help them save money on their power bill this Holiday season, and all year round!

Cymbrio is helping consumers track and understand where their energy is being wasted. It’s very easy to use too! You simply plug it into an outlet and plug an appliance or device into it. After a couple days you will be able to read and track the usage of the device when it is on, powered off, or when you aren’t using it. This will help you and your family learn how you can lower your energy bill by lowering the amount of energy waste and smarter decisions.

From the Company:

One of the tricks of reducing energy consumption and waste, and saving money, is building awareness and then getting people to continue to pay attention. Plug2Know does exactly that – it keeps your attention focused in the right area – your wallet/pocketbook. It was designed for people of all walks of life and a wide range of ages – children in grade school all the way to grandma and grandpa. Electricity is a complicated thing (volts, amps, KW-Hrs, etc.) but managing it doesn’t require you to be an engineer. Plug2Knows’s esthetic, non-threatening design (lights and colors) will help capture the attention of everyone in your family so that the savings can begin…and will stick. And, Plug2Know makes it fun. Once new behaviors and habits are formed, the savings are an annuity – it comes every month!

Families who used the Plug2Know have reported savings of 30%-50% on their energy bill!

Give the gift of saving money this  holiday. Order a Plug2Know at!

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