5 Easy Money Saving Tips #ad

It’s summertime and kids are starting their summer breaks. If you are looking to save a little extra money so you can travel or visit some fun attractions check out these five money saving tips.

5 Easy Money Saving Tips

  • Eat what’s already in your house. My family has a habit of running to the store a few times a week which results in a much higher grocery bill then needed. We will go to the store to pick up a lettuce to go with spaghetti and end up bringing home a dessert and garlic bread too. Avoid going to the grocery store more then once a week by keeping track of what is already in your fridge and cupboards and eating what you already have. We challenged ourselves to eat what we have in the freezer before buying any more meat.
  • Buy ice cream at the grocery store instead of at an Ice Cream Stand. A small ice cream cone at the stand down the street is $3. If we buy one for each of us it would cost $12! Instead of shelling out that much money we can buy a tub of ice cream for $5 at the grocery store and it will last much longer. I know it’s more fun to go through all the flavours at the ice cream stand but you can put the money you save towards something even better!
  • Clean with household items. There is no need to buy expensive cleaners when you can use common household items like vinegar and peroxide and get the job done just as well. Did you know vinegar can clean counter tops, microwaves, and even clean messes made by your pets?
  • Eat frozen fruits and veggies. Fresh fruits and veggies tend to cost a lot more then their frozen counter-parts. I can easily buy a bag of frozen strawberries for $3 instead of a fresh pint for $5. Frozen fruits are great for smoothies, which make a healthy treat in the summer! There are lots of ways you can eat healthy AND save money.
  • Get cash back when you shop. This may sound crazy, but did you know you can earn cash back AND give a little to charity when you shop? It’s true, and it’s awesome! With Giving Assistant you can shop at select stores and earn a certain percent for yourself, and some for charity. To date Giving Assistant has donated over 50k meals! There are over 1,000 stores you can shop at and you earn 5% back.  When you join you can choose which charity to give to and how you will split the cash back. I love that all of my favourite stores are there, like Sephora and Forever 21!!

*I have been compensated for this post.*

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