Move your body everyday with Flip2BFit!

Are you looking for a fun way to get your family up off the couch and start moving? Move your body everyday with Flip2BFit and start a healthy habit with your family! It’s a game the whole family can enjoy together!

move your body everyday

From the Company:

Flip2BFit is a company based upon the belief that everyone has the right to live a healthy lifestyle. Being a fitness based company we create fitness / nutrition board games for everyone to play. No experience or equipment needed. Each game is crafted for children ages 6 and up as well as to be enjoyed by adults of all ages!


I love that this company has created fun board games designed to get families moving. You don’t have to be an athlete to play these game either! It’s designed for anyone¬†6 years and up. The Flip2BFit board game incorporates yoga, stretches, cardio and strength moves so you get a workout while you have fun spending time with your family. All you do is spin the wheel, choose a card, and complete the task. The person or team who reaches the finish line first wins! There is also a Bakari memory card game¬†that challenges your mind and your body! Match the cards and complete the tasks to win!

This is an excellent game to add to your weekly game nights Рor play it even more to encourage your kids to live a healthier lifestyle!

Check out these awesome Habits of Healthy Kid tips from Flip2BFit’s website:

    1. Be physically active every day
    2. Turn off the screens and live your life!
    3. Eat smaller amounts
    4. Drink water instead of soda or juice
    5. Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit every day
    6. Eat less fast food
    7. Snack on healthy foods
    8. Switch to lowfat (1% or less) milk, cheese and yogurt
    9. Get enough sleep
    10. Do something healthy every day that makes you feel good


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