3 tips for Dealing with Muscle Pain #advil12hour


3 tips for Dealing with Muscle Pain #advil12hour

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I recently started a new – tougher – workout plan. I needed to add more strength to my workouts and as with ANY new physical activity, when you push yourself, the muscle pain is sure to come! The next couple days after those squats were brutal!

According to Dr. Jeff Habert, a family physician in Thornhill, Ontario, long-lasting body pain may be more common as we get older, but it shouldn’t stop us from enjoying life and accomplishing all we want to.

There are a few things you can do to manage your muscle pain after you have pushed yourself hard during a workout!

Here are 3 tips for Dealing with Muscle Pain:
  • Keep Moving – After a tough workout or a long race, even walking up the stairs is awful! Even though you may want to curl up in bed, get moving! Even a nice walk around the block can help ease muscle pain.
  • Ice It – Icing your aches and pains can help reduce inflammation and ease pain. You can also take a warm bath or use a hot water bottle to help relax tight muscles.
  • Take Something for the Pain – Advil® 12 Hour is a fast-acting and long-lasting, non-prescription pain reliever. As the name suggests, just one Advil 12 Hour keeps working for up to 12 hours to help relieve long-lasting joint, body, or muscle pain. Now you can get back to your favorite summer activities and keep active!

Dr. Habert also says that research has found that a combination of treatment methods, including physiotherapy, massage therapy and medications, show the best results when managing long-lasting pain.

You can find Advil 12 Hour in your local pharmacy, and don’t forget to read the label or talk to your doctor to find out if Advil 12 Hour is right for you! You can also grab a $3 coupon at Advil.ca!!

Please note that these tips are suggestions and don’t replace medical advice.

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  10. I would hike with my dog and then do yoga all day! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  11. I would go walking down at Seal Bay park with my wife and our dog

  12. I would like to weed my flower beds, this might not sound too strenuous but am aching now from doing some.

  13. I would go running, also play badminton more, and play soccer

  14. If my pain was under control, I would be hiking one of our local trails near the river.

  15. I would spend more time running with my dog and pushing my daughter in her chariot!

  16. I would be hiking and kayaking if pain wasn’t a factor.

  17. I would spend my time outdoor, mountain biking or hiking. I recently blew out my knee and any inclines or declines hurt like tremendously. Thanks!

  18. If PAIN was not an issue I would love to spent a few days a week back riding my bicycle. After breaking my ankle this past year it has been difficult to get back on the bicycle & ride. The pain from the break is still quite bad plus the hardware & scarring.

    Thanks @yourhealthyyear.com

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  38. I would challenge my brother to a re-match at Squash – use to be an annual event. Lower back pain has altered that plan.

  39. I would love to go to take photos and enjoy an afternoon to make my fall day the perfect one if I was not in pain.

  40. Dragon Boat paddling!! I miss this so much due to pain from my back injury

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