Naked Snacks – Healthy Snacks delivered right to your door!

I find snacking the hardest part when it comes to eating healthy. It’s so much more satisfying to grab a cookie than it is to grab carrot sticks. With Naked Snacks you get 5 delicious snacks delivered right to your door, every month.

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A short blurb from the company:

Naked Snacks is a Canadian based online food company. Our mission is to make healthy food more accessible, through convenient delivery and exceptional taste. We achieve this through our unique 80/20 nutritional philosophy: 80% whole grown goodness straight from the source, 20% earned indulgence as a reward for making smart decisions. Snacks that will put a spring in your step and a big, beaming smile on your face!

I absolutely love this outlook because I try and follow an 80/20 rule when eating healthy too. I don’t want to tell myself sweets are off limits because it’s much more likely that I am setting myself up for failure. It’s important to eat healthy but also treat yourself once in awhile… And what a treat these Naked Snacks are!

Every month for just $30 you will receive 5 large bags of healthy snacks packed with energy and flavour – perfect for an afternoon snack! This is what I received in my box:

  • Hearty Tamari – pretzels, sesame seed sticks, almonds, and cashews slow roasted in Tamari. It’s a great alternative to grabbing a bag of chips!
  • Ginger Staycation – Australian crystallized ginger, roasted pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and dark chocolate disks. I think this one is my favourite!
  • Holy Sriracha Cashews – Cashews flavoured with sriracha sauce, kosher salt, and garlic podwer. These smell amazing!
  • Aloha Kauai – Coconut flakes, macadamia nuts, banana chips, and crystallized pineapple.
  • Wholesome Yogi – Dried cranberries, raw almonds, roasted cashews, pumpkin seeds, and greek yogurt chips. The yogurt chips add the perfect sweet touch to this snack! Healthy Snacks

If you are interested in trying a box out you can use the code ‘YOURHEALTHYYEAR‘ to get $10 off! What a deal! Go now to and try a box today!
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*I have been compensated for this post.*


  1. Right to my door? That is awesome! It sounds like they have lots of snacks I would like, so I need to look into this.

  2. All of the packs sound delicious but I think Hawaii is calling my name (minus the banana chips which I am allergic to). That really is a decent price considering how expensive nuts are these days!

  3. Nothing could be more awesome than receiving healthy food right in front of your door. It’s such a great convenience and can save a lot of time too.

  4. Yum! Those look really good. We’re always looking for healthier snacks so this might be the perfect way to get them!

  5. I love different flavored nuts. Nuts and granola are so much healthier for you than many things, love that it’s delivered right to your door, reduces the temptation to go out and buy something bad if you have something good to munch on,

  6. Omg these snack sounds pretty tasty and I’m loving that they get delivered to you! I’m all about online shopping these days, snacks included 😉

  7. These look great and would love to have them delivered to me. I order so many things from Amazon and even Walmart (pick up in store) just because I don’t really like shopping. Am going to check on delivery to US.

  8. I love getting my hands on healthy snacks, and this looks like something I would want to try. I think out of the ones featured here, the Ginger Staycation caught my eye the most.

  9. Wow, great resource. Snacking is my downfall, finding healthy snacks even worse! Thanks for sharing, might have to look into this!

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