Need Some Workout Motivation?

Now and then everyone needs some workout motivation.

Workout Motivation so your can power through!

First off, why are you working out? Is it for you? For a boyfriend? To impress your friends? To please your mother? You should workout for YOU, and no one else.

  • Keep your workout gear in plain sight. If you see your workout gear first thing in the morning you’ll have exercise on the brain from the get go. Get your gear on and burn some calories!
  • Get a workout partner so you have someone to workout with, and you can motivate and encourage each other, you’re not in it alone! You can also find a buddy online to keep you motivated!
  • Join a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition at work or the gym. Or join a Diet Bet. With Diet Bet you bet money and have 28 days to lose 4% of your weight. In the end you split what is left in the pot with other winners.
  • Prove others wrong. If others think you will quit and fail, prove them wrong.
  • Sign up for a 5k. If it’s already paid for, you are more likely to train and complete the marathon.
  • Make sure your goal is realistic. You don’t have to do 60 minutes worth of sweaty cardio. Start at 30 minutes of exercise and build up.
  • Try a fitness tracker. I love beating my previous records and hitting new targets!
  • The healthier you are, the longer you will be around to play your kids and grandkids.
  • Do something you enjoy. If you hate the cardio you are doing, you won’t want to do it consistently! Try different things and find something you love!
  • Reward yourself, and congratulate yourself. When you reach a milestone it’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it! And you earned it!
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. You are only human. No one is perfect and don’t give up!!

Remember what it feels like when your workout is over.

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  1. The last one is probably the most underrated one! Setbacks/failures, whatever we wanna call them are inevitable.

    Don’t take it personally, learn from the setback, and keep on truckin’!

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