Hidden Gems for New Brunswick Canada Tourism

I have lived in New Brunswick, Canada, all my life. I never really thought about it when I was younger but New Brunswick is a really beautiful place and there are a lot of fun things to see and do!

Hidden Gems for New Brunswick Canada Tourism

I’ve been dreaming about a road trip all across New Brunswick. It would maybe take you 5 hours to drive from top to bottom, but I would love to take a week just to drive around NB and see a bucket list of places.

A few gems that New Brunswick Canada Tourism has to offer:

  • Mapleton Park, Moncton – A gorgeous urban park right in the middle of Moncton. Even though it’s near a busy shopping area, you can spend hours walking the different trails. Then you can grab dinner at a nearby restaurant! Cost: Free
  • Irishtown Nature Park, Irishtown – Located just outside of Moncton, this place is beautiful. They also offer canoeing and kayaking areas, so you can get out on the water too. The park is not very busy, which is really nice. Cost: Free
  • French Fort Cove, Miramichi – Miramichi is a small place but offers a couple different hiking trails. French Fort Cove is a pretty park overlooking the Miramichi River. There are several trails that are 3k-4k in length, they also have a zipline during the warmer months. Cost: Free to hike, 15~20 for Zipline
  • Storeytown Cottages, Doaktown – We have been to Storeytown Cottages quite a few times because we LOVE tubing on the Miramichi river! They don’t just offer tubing adventures, you can also rent paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes. They also have several cabins if you are looking for a super fun and cozy getaway! Cost: Varies on Activity
  • Laverty Falls, Fundy – I LOVE Fundy National Park! My family has been going there since I was little. I have a lot of memories of my sister and I hiking and playing in the park. Laverty Falls is one of the best trails, with a waterfall you can swim in! Cost: Free in 2017
  • Hartland Bridge, Hartland – The Hartland bridge is the longest covered bridge in the world, at 1,282 feet long. The bridge is a National and Provincial historical site. It’s pretty cool to see since there aren’t many covered bridges left in the world! Cost: Free

These are just a handful of the MANY things to see and do in New Brunswick.

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