Nutrition Post Recap for January

I announced at the beginning of the month that the focus word for January was Nutrition. Throughout the month, I published a number of posts that focused on Nutrition and eating healthier in general. I’ve recapped them below, in case you missed any!

Nutrition Post Recap for January

Nutrition Post Recap for January

  • 6 Ways to Eat Avocado – Avocado is a super healthy food. In this post I shared 6 different ways you can enjoy avocados!
  • Teaching Kids About Nutrition – Teaching kids why and how to eat healthy isn’t easy. Hopefully some of these tips can help!
  • Nutrition Tips for Healthy Hair – In this post I shared some food-related advice for growing long and healthy hair.
  • Healthy Baking Substitutions – We all need something sweet once in awhile. These substitutions can help you make your baked goods healthier.
  • The Problem With Sugar – What’s the problem with all the packaged foods and treats you buy in the store? They are packed with sugars. How about those low-cal and low-fat items that are supposed to be healthy? You guessed it, they are also packed with sugars!
  • What Happens When You Don’t Drink Enough Water – So we’ve read all about the good water does for our body and why we should be drinking water daily, but what happens when we don’t drink enough?
  • Helping Teenagers Lose Weight – This is a delicate and tricky subject. You don’t want to damage your teenagers self-esteem, but if they are overweight, you need to do something.
  • Clean Eating tips for Beginners – What is clean eating and how do you do it? In this post I give a few tips on how to get started.
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget – In this post I share some of my tips for staying on budget when you are trying to eat healthy. I always hear how expensive it is to eat healthy, but if you plan, shop the sales, and cook your own meals, it can be really cheap!

In the last few months of 2018 I really started to keep track of what I was eating and what I should cut back on, or cut out completely. I ended up fine tuning my healthy eating habits, which has been great. This is why I decided January’s focus word should be Nutrition! In writing and researching these posts, I feel like I learned a lot more about nutrition and I hope you did too.

If you are interested in learning more about nutrition, check these posts out:

  • Seven Smoothie Staples – I love smoothies but they can quickly become unhealthy if you aren’t careful. Check out my 7 suggestions for healthy smoothies in this post!
  • Fats: The Good and The Bad – Our bodies need fat to survive, in this post I talk about the fats you should avoid and which fats you should consume – in moderation!
  • 7 Gadgets that make Eating Healthier Easy  – If you struggle to find the time to meal prep – or just hate all the work that goes into it – check out these gadgets that can make meal prep a lot easier!
  • Healthy Tips for Dining Out – If you love going out for dinner but you are trying to watch what you eat, check out my tips for staying on track when out at a restaurant.
  • Foods for a Healthy Heart – These 6 foods have been proven to be healthy for your heart.

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