Are sugar substitutes good for you?

Sugar substitutes have been around for a while now. The business is booming as people try and find easy ways to cut calories. While a lot of people are consuming them, if you stop and ask them what the benefits are, most people don’t know. Lots of people are adding them to coffee, tea, sugar, baked goods – without even giving it a second thought. Sugar substitutes have become the norm.

Are sugar substitutes good for you?

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Can You Freeze That? The ‘Don’t Freeze These Foods’ List!

It’s important to understand what freezes well and what doesn’t when embarking on a freezer cooking plan. Keep in mind when you choose meals to freeze, that freezing changes the texture of some foods. For instance high moisture fresh foods don’t really freeze well if you plan to eat them in raw form later. For instance, you can’t freeze a raw chef salad and expect it to taste like a fresh chef salad after freezing. But you can freeze chopped tomatoes to use in a sauce later.

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