Positive Social Media and Mindful Scrolling

Positive social media habits are something we don’t talk about enough. There are tons of studies that show the effects of social media on our mental health. There is so much bullying, negativity, impossible body and life expectations, unattainable things some of us can only dream of having/becoming/experiencing… You get the point. Practicing mindful scrolling when you are on your social media accounts is so important.

I’ve experienced this myself a lot in the past year, especially on instagram, where we see cookie cutter pictures of people’s lives. Perfectly done makeup and hair, vacations on beaches we can barely pronounce, and my personal favorite, ‘Thinspo’ masquerading as ‘Fitspo’.

Practicing Smart Social Media Habits

  • Unfollow that Aunt that has absolutely nothing positive to say. What I mean by this is, sometimes you need to distance yourself from toxic family members or friends. If you aren’t comfortable unfriending or unfollowing someone, you can choose to not see their posts in your feed. If someone is constantly spouting negativity, that can effect you, just by reading their posts.
  • Block. The. Haters. Social media gives some people a sense of anonymity, they feel they can say anything to anyone, and to a point that’s kinda true. If someone is saying stuff to you on a social media network, whether it’s in public or in a DM, block ’em. They don’t deserve your attention or energy.
  • Don’t follow accounts that don’t inspire you. If you are following an account that makes you feel bad about your own life or situation because you can’t attain their level of ‘perfection’, unfollow them. This is especially true for those of us who are trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. A ‘fitness’ model posing with weights or taking daily mirror selfies of her thin frame is not always the best source of inspiration.
  • Keep in mind some of the celebrities who are posting on social media have TEAMS of people behind each instagram picture or tweet. They have someone to do their hair and makeup, clean their house, watch their kids, not to mention personal trainers and sometimes chefs to prepare their meals! So each post is a calculated move to show a picture perfect life.

These are just a few examples of what you should watch out for when you are giving someone a follow… I have seen many people say they need to ‘take a break’ or ‘quit social media’, and I TOTALLY get it, it can be so draining, especially reading the list above! However, there is a way to create a feed that inspires and energizes you, as well as having a positive impact on your mental health.

Mindful Scrolling

  • Carefully select who gets your energy. Follow people who ADD to your energy, not drain it.
  • Follow positive social media accounts that add positivity to your feed or timeline. Positive quotes, stories, images… Things that make you smile or feel good about the world.
  • Follow social media accounts that inspire you. Find people who are striving to reach their goals and are sharing their ups and downs in an effort to help other people. Search for artists who are creating and putting beautiful things out into the world. Follow causes you care about so you can keep up to date and find out how you can help.


I hope this helps you create a feed that has a positive impact on your mental health and as well as your life. Also make sure you are having this discussion with your kids… Kids are creating social media accounts at younger and younger ages, and it’s so important now a days that they understand how it can impact their mental health.

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