Summer Fitness Bucket List

Summer Fitness Bucket List

I love making lists! Nothing feels better to me then being able to cross off the things I have completed. With this list, I have the added bonus of knowing that I am making steps towards living a healthier life!

  1. Complete a Mudrun
  2. Complete Foamfest
  3. Complete a 5k
  4. Complete a 10k
  5. Go Hiking
  6. Go Swimming
  7. Go for a long Bike ride
  8. Run 100 Miles in July/August
  9. Do Yoga Outdoors
  10. Go Tubing
  11. Complete Half-Marathon Training
  12. Go Bowling
  13. Complete a No Junk Food Challenge
  14. Do TreeGo
  15. Grow a Garden

It was important to me to have things on the list that I don’t have to travel a lot for. All the things on my list are within a couple hours drive so I don’t need to travel far!

What would you put on your Summer Bucket List?

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