How to Treat Baby Acne

Pimples and blackheads can be distressing enough as a teen or an adult, but what about for your baby? Babies can suffer from acne as well. If you suspect that your baby has acne, here are some facts that will help.

How to Treat Baby Acne

What is acne?

It is a condition of the skin. Pores become clogged and form white pustules filled with what the body is trying to excrete. Some people are more prone to acne than others. In teen years, a mix of hormones and trapped oils can seem like the beginning of the end when those bumps start to appear.

But, we are talking about a different kind of acne here. Some babies can be born with acne. It looks the same as acne that you might have – red spots and pimples on the nose, cheeks and forehead.

It can be distressing to see your child’s face covered in red painful-looking bumps, but baby acne is not the same as we stated above. While in the womb, pores can get clogged. Once baby is born the results show up as pimples. It has also been suspected that elevated hormone levels before birth contribute to the appearance of acne in some newborns.

Now, don’t get acne confused with milia. This is another condition of the womb where dead skin is trapped on baby’s skin and doesn’t get sloughed off. A white bump forms over it that you can see when baby is born. When the surface of the bump opens, the dead skin is released and the area goes back to what is to be its normal appearance.

Baby acne is not painful. It may appear that way, but baby is not bothered by it in the least. They haven’t learned to recognize their face so they don’t even know it’s there. If you can handle the appearance, there are treatment options for baby.

Treatment Options:

Traditional acne treatments aren’t an option for babies. Medicated creams should never be used on your baby’s skin. A baby’s skin is sensitive and using such harsh creams on them can cause irritation that wasn’t there before. Creams are a last resort and should only be prescribed by a doctor.

Continue to wash baby’s skin normally. Don’t scrub because of the acne. The bumps are not caused by a dirty face so scrubbing will only damage the skin.

This state of acne has nothing to do with baby’s body. If you remain patient, the condition will rectify itself in about three weeks. Some babies are affected for a few months but that is also a normal time frame. Consult a doctor if the condition worsens or irritates baby. They can suggest another course of treatment based on what they find.

Is your baby showing signs of acne? It’s okay for baby but it can be distressing to parents. Make sure you talk to your doctor if you are concerned.

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