Tweet #BellLetsTalk and the Campaign donates to mental health initiatives!

This campaign is VERY close to my heart. Both my husband and my 12 year old brother have been dealing with Anxiety and Depression. Here’s how YOU can help donate money to this very important cause!

BellLetsTalk mental health

If you are a Bell customer, for every call you make and every text you send, Bell will donate 5 cents.

If you are NOT a customer, you can still help! Every tweet using the hashtag ‘#BellLetsTalk’ also earns the campaign 5 cents.

You can go to LetsTalk.Bell.Ca to read more about their initiatives, impact, and how you can help end the stigmas surrounding mental health!!

I want to share with you a bit of my family’s story, starting with my husband, who we call Person.

In August of 2012 after work my husband had his first Anxiety attack while driving home, he thought it was a heart attack. 10 minutes away from home he pulled over on the side of the road and got out of his car to take a breath, he almost flagged a car down but decided to drive home. Once he got home he had my mom drive him to the hospital, he thought he was dying! Once we got to the hospital, he saw the triage nurse and she told him what my mom and I already suspected, he was having an anxiety attack.

After that Person saw his doctor and was prescribed medication, had some blood tests, and he was put off work for a month. During the next few months he was unable to drive, he couldn’t be in crowds, he barely left the bedroom, and he slept most of the day. He ended up being off work for 6 months, but went back only two months before taking another leave of nearly 8 months when he was also diagnosed with depression.

The whole situation is so hard, not only on the person dealing with the anxiety and depression, but the entire family. We dealt with a lot of people that didn’t quite understand what he was going through, we hardly understood either.

Person deals with his anxiety every day. Some days are better then others, luckily he knows how to calm himself down now and he is prescribed medication he takes everyday to help regulate his anxiety.

My 12 year old brother Zachary started with intense pains in his chest in April of 2014. The day we realized he needed to go to his doctor we were actually at TaeKwonDo on a Friday and he was asked by our Master to attend a black belt testing and help with sparring on Saturday. He was SO excited, what an honor to be asked! The only problem was that his father is not supportive of TaeKwonDo, or any of his activities in general, so he would have to let his Dad know he would be late going to his house on Saturday. He had had ‘chest pains’ before but we assumed heart burn. We didn’t realize how long he had been dealing with the anxiety.

The following week he saw his doctor and we explained what was going on and it all kind of clicked together. We had been noticing certain ticks, he would forced himself to burp over and over again almost without noticing, click his tongue, scratch at his arms, rip up paper, etc. The doctor referred us to a psychologist who diagnosed him with an Anxiety Disorder a few months ago.

He has missed a lot of school this year because of his Anxiety and while he has caught up on all of his work his school hadn’t been very understanding.

Everyone knows someone who has been touched by mental health issues and the stigmas and challenges surrounding them. Just send out a quick tweet using #BellLetsTalk to help!


  1. I was so excited to read this article because I have struggled with mental health issues for years and there is such a stigma in our society to keep it quiet! I would love for there to be more acceptance and to really help get the word out. I’ve been going through a rough patch lately and have just started a blog to help with coping and to get my feelings out. I would love for you to check it out and pass it along, so that others know that they are not alone. It would be great to reach out and meet some new people to share encouragement with! My blog is Thanks!

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