Use a Pedometer to help lose weight! #ad

Pedometers are inexpensive, easy to use, and convenient. Can this small inexpensive tool help you lose weight? YES!

ozeri pedometer

Personally I love using a pedometer. I really like keeping track of my steps during the day and trying to beat my steps from the day before. It definitely helps me get moving more. Let me give you some examples of how they help:

  • 10,000 steps to weight loss. Studies have shown that 10k is a key number if you are trying to lose weight. Make it a point to go for an extra walk in the day to get your 10k steps! Don’t jump in at 10,000 steps a day if you aren’t used to it. Build yourself up to 10k slowly!
  • Motivate yourself. Keep track of how much you walk by keeping an eye on your pedometer, you’ll want to get moving and see the steps climb!
  • Challenge your family and friends! Encourage your friends and family to get in their steps too! Do it as a team.
  • Understand how weight loss works; calories in versus calories out. Move more to lose weight!

On the low end Pedometers are around $10 and can be as expensive as $50-$100. They are easy to find too. You can even get apps for your phone!

I am currently using the Ozeri Razor digital pedometer. Not only does it track my steps, it tracks miles, calories burned, fat burned, it has a built in clock, and it tracks your steps for up to 10 days. It automatically goes to sleep when it’s not in use, which saves battery life.

I have found the Ozeri Razor to be accurate and encouraging. You get lots of information about your workouts by just pressing the ‘mode’ button, any time. No need to upload information to your computer!

 *I received product in exchange for an honest opinion, all opinions stated above are 100% me own.*


  1. I have a bunch of pedometers. They’re very handy to help motivate you and keep you going!

  2. I guess the idea is that you actually have to use it for it to work, right? LOL
    I have a few, but I should probably put them on and get to it!

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