Should you use Splat or Manic Panic?

My brother Zac and I recently decided to dye our hair some bright, funky colors. He wanted a full head of purple hair, and I wanted pink and purple tips. We used two different dye brands, which led to an interesting experiment.

Should you use Splat or Manic Panic?

I bought a Splat bleach and hair dye combo in Pink Fetish, and for Zac I got the Manic Panic Flash Lightening Kit and Manic Panic Flash Lightening Kit dye.

Here are a few keys points on each product:

  • Splat Bleach was super easy to use. It’s in a squeeze bottle and application was easy peasy!
  • Manic Panic bleach was thick and not user friendly at all. It with a container and a brush, if I had been using it on my own hair I would have threw in the towel. The whole thing was a mess. It was clumpy and Zac said it was painful, and pulling his hair.
  • Splat hair dye was easy to use to. It was also in a squeeze bottle and application was simple.
  • Manic Panic dyes come in tubs which can be very messy if you are just using your hands, which I prefer to do. The product itself was easy to apply.
  • After leaving the product in for 30mins, I rinsed my hair our and it was BRIGHT! Which is what we were going for.
  • Zac left his product in for 30mins too, but his results were disappointing. There is a slight purple tint but his hair isn’t PURPLE like we were going for.

Like I said, I actually did a mix of purple and pink together, so I ended up using both Manic Panic AND Splat. The colors do look really pretty together, but the Splat is MUCH brighter.

So, Splat or Manic Panic?

We say Splat. Overall we got waaaay better results with Splat. In a week or two after Zac’s hair has time to settle, we will be re-doing his hair with Splat products. He wants to try the Splat kit in┬áLuscious Raspberries.

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