What kind of Vitamins are you taking? #ad

 Let’s talk Vitamins! What kind are you taking?vitamins

For the past year I have been taking vitamins on and off. I would forget them a lot of the time (especially the ones you have to take more then once a day). I was taking a multivitamin (which made me sick to my stomach when I did take it) and glucosamine.

Earlier this year I decided to just buckle down and start making a conscious effort to take them everyday. I find that the more physical activities I do the more healthier I want to be inside and out. Vitamins are an important part of that.

My vitamins are mainly for my joint and bone health, but I have started taking vitamins that will help my skin, hair, and nails. This is what I am currently taking:

  • Double Strength Glucosamine + Chondroitin Complex – Helps relieve joint and bone pain, and helps form connective tissue. I take 1 tablet in the morning, and 1 at night.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil – Helps support cognitive health and brain function. (Wow these stink – I hate fish!) I take 1 in the morning and one at night.
  • NeoCell Beauty Bursts – Strengthens hair, nails, and skin. It hydrates and boosts collagen. I take 2-4 chews daily.
  • NeoCell Collagen Joint Complex – Provides nutrients for joint support and youthful skin.

I have always had very brittle nails that break easily. My nails will start growing and one by one, they will all start breaking. When taking the Beauty Bursts, it’s the first time I have strong and long nails! I have also had a few compliments on my skin. I have very acne prone skin, and an uneven skin tone. The beauty bursts have helped hydrate my skin, even out my skin tone, and even diminish the look of scars. Lastly, my hair has so much volume. I don’t use any product in my hair, and I never use heat. Lately my hair has been full and shiny. I am such a big NeoCell fan, ever since I did my first review of their products! (You can check that out here!)

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*I received product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions stated above are 100% my own.*

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  1. Have the same problem with my nails. I also have a b12 and iron anemia that I take injections for. I think I will look into some of these 😀 Thank you 😀

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