Your first three months at the gym.

Joining a gym can be a very rewarding and beneficial experience, but it can also be very overwhelming. During your first three months at the gym you’ll try out a bunch of new equipment, meet knew people with different approaches to fitness, and figure out which workouts work best for you.

Your first three months at the gym.

Your first three months at the gym.

Free Personal Training Sessions – If your gym offers a free or discounted personal training session, take advantage of it! Most gyms will offer this as part of your membership and it can be very beneficial. The trainer will start by showing you around the gym and show you the different pieces of equipment. This is well worth the time because you will be able to get the most out of your gym and it’s equipment.

The personal trainer will ask you about your goals and current fitness level. Then they can help you build a training plan. They may try and sell you an additional training package at the end of your free session, if you are not interested just say no, they won’t be offended.

If you are interested, a personal trainer can help you create and stick to a fitness plan. They will be able to help you reach your goals, both big and small, and will also push you to do better with each session. They will make sure you are continuously pushing yourself as you get stronger and fitter.

Find something fun that will keep you going to the gym. – If going to the gym is something you aren’t looking forward to, you aren’t going to stick to it and form a habit. Don’t force yourself to do exercises you hate! Find something you are going to enjoy doing.

If they have a swimming pool and you love swimming, do it! If you enjoy classes like yoga, kickboxing, or boot camps, take them! Find something you love.

When you find something you enjoy doing it’s much easier to keep yourself motivated to keep going. You will make a habit out of going and you will even look forward to your gym sessions!

Don’t do it alone. – Find a buddy who will work out with you. If you don’t know anyone at your gym, chat with people in the break room or after a class. Make friends with people who love going to the gym too!

Having a friend who can share knowledge about healthy living and fitness with you can help keep you motivated. It’s a lot more fun too. You’ll have a spotter for tougher machines too! A gym buddy can help encourage and motivate you.


If you can stick to it for just 21 days, going to the gym will become a habit. It’s crucial that you make sure you go consistently for the first month or so. In the beginning just make sure you get to the gym and do something simple to ease into it, after you have formed a habit you can begin to perfect your workouts.

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