FoamFest in Halifax N.S.

Obstacle races are my favorite kind of races.

Obstacle races that have mud, water, and BUBBLES?! It’s perfection!

FoamFest in Halifax Nova Scotia

I was so excited when I found FoamFest after doing a search online! It looked like so much fun! I showed my sister Becky and she was ready to go! Unfortunately on race day she had to work, so it was my husband, Person, and my brother in law, Tim, who attended the race with me. We were all super bummed Becky couldn’t come but we will definitely be back next year!!

Driving up to the race location we could see something floating in the air… Person thought it was balloons… I thought it was plastic bags… And then we realized, it was a bunch of FOAM!! This got us pumped up!!

We picked up our races kits and went to the starting line… WOAHMYGOSH FOAM EVERYWHERE!

FoamFest start line

We plowed through the foam and over the start line, getting our feet wet in the process! It was quite a run to the first obstacle… Unless the HUGE hill with the incredible incline was the first obstacle! I’m sure we spent 25 minutes just getting up the hill. We didn’t run the whole way up, that’s for sure. There were parts that were so steep I could have crawled up and had a much easier time! I’m going to be so sore for a couple days. What a great way to burn a ton of calories!

There were about 20 obstacles in all but a couple were repeated. There were two spots where we had to climb walls, 2 spots where we had to navigate through bungee chord and three spots where we got to fly down this awesome inflatable slip ‘n slide. Run, jump, slide… Right into a pool of foam!

Where can I buy one of these amazing things?!

Where can I buy one of these amazing things?!

Other obstacles included inner tubes over water you had to climb over, mud pits, mud crawls, cargo climbs, bouncy inflatables, and something called ‘Lily Pads’ which are basically long, thin inflatables over water that you have to run fast over, or end up in the water!

The second to last obstacle was probably my favorite. A gigantic inflatable water slide.

Foamfest Death Drop

There was one more slip ‘n slide before reaching the foamy finish line.

Foamfest finish line

After we crossed the finish line we received our medal, a shirt, a bottle of water, a Chapman’s sport lolly, and a Okanagan energy bar. I was so thankful that they let me grab my sisters shirt too since she had registered but wasn’t able to go. She was glad that she was able to have the shirt too.

I love that it is designed for people of all athletic abilities. If you aren’t very physically fit – whatever! Go, have fun, take your time! You will LOVE the experience!

The FoamFest run was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to attend another! I could go on and on about how much fun it was, we wanted to go around again once we were done! If there is a FoamFest close to you, you should seriously consider attending! You can click here to check out the locations for upcoming runs.

*I have been compensated for this post. All opinions stated above are 100% my own.*

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