4 Tips to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Naturally!

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important to our health. When we don’t get enough sleep we are more likely to get sick, feel hungrier, and we are at higher risk for developing heart disease and diabetes. Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for our physical AND mental health.

4 Tips to Getting a good nights sleep naturally!

When you are ready to hit the hay, try out some of these natural ways you can improve your quality of sleep.

  1. Exercise Regularly. Not only will regular exercise energize you throughout the day, but it will help you fall asleep at night too and you’ll stay asleep longer. Make sure you aren’t exercising right before bed though – your body might not be able to wind down and fall asleep.
  2. Create a Nighttime Schedule. Make sure you aren’t eating too early or too late. You don’t want to be hungry OR stuffed when you go to bed. Your body needs to be able to relax and you can’t do that if your tummy is grumbling. Make sure you don’t drink too much either, trips to the toilet can interrupt sleep.
  3. Shut off the Electronics. Turn off electronics 1-2 hours before bed. Electronics use a blue wavelength that trick our minds into thinking it’s daytime, preventing us from getting sleepy. If you absolutely cannot shut down your computer early, you can dim your light or even buy blue light blocking sunglasses to use.
  4. Natural Sleep Aids. Trying a natural sleep aid like the new Pharmaton® Sleep Harmony™. This can help your mind slow down before bed, so you can drift off to sleep easier. Taking just one capsule daily can help calm racing thoughts before bedtime and improve sleep quality to leave you refreshed and ready to go in the morning! To make sure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label.

4 Tips to Getting a good night's sleep naturally!

Nighttime worry is a big issue for a lot of people when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Thank goodness there are ways to quiet the mind and help us relax at bedtime. People don’t realize how important regular sleep is, and many don’t even know that the recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours!

How much sleep are you getting at night?

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