Stress-Free Spring Cleaning Tips


It’s spring! It’s finally here! I’m just going to ignore the 3 feet of snow on the ground… and the 2 feet that we are getting later in the week.


It’s time to think about Spring Cleaning! I can hear you groaning, but I’m here to give you some Spring Cleaning Tips that will make even your least favorite tasks a little bit easier!

Stress-Free Spring Cleaning Tips

Stress-Free Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Make Lists. I am a list-making type of person. Anytime there is a task that needs to be tackled, I grab a pen and pad of paper and make a list, the same goes for Spring Cleaning! Make a list of all tasks that need to be completed, you can do this by making a list for each room. Just do a quick walk through and jot down what needs to get done.
  • Stock up on Essentials. Shop the sales, and buy some supplies. Think about things like cleaning supplies, Libman Wonder Mop, brooms, containers, garbage bags, etc. Watch for sales and check the flyers to find the best deals.
  • Get Help. If you feel overwhelmed because there is so much to do, enlist the help of a friend or family member. Find someone willing to help in exchange for a free lunch! (You supply the pizza! 😉 ) If you can’t find anyone to help you for free, you can always hire a professional cleaning service or organizer.
  • Get Your Three Piles Ready. If you have a lot of clutter you need to clean, set up three clearly marked areas. One for garbage, one for donation, and one for keeping.
  • Make Your Least Favorite Chores More Bearable. What is your least favorite chore? There is a product out there to help you get it done quicker and easier. For me, it’s sweeping and scrubbing. It’s always the last thing I do, and I’m always tired by the time I get to it. Plus, we have 5 dogs so the floors need to be cleaned frequently.

So cute, but so messy!

I picked up a Libman Wonder Mop to help me get my floors clean.

The biggest selling point for me is the power wringer. You pull the sleeve down over the mop head and give it four twists, and it wrings out your mop incredibly well, so your floors end up drying faster. It is so easy to use I (almost) don’t mind washing my floors!

Libman Wonder Mop

The mop head’s microfiber grip strips leave your floors 20% cleaner, and it’s machine washable! After I’m done cleaning my floors (the Libman wonder mop works for any surface) I just toss the mop head into the washer and it’s ready for the next time I need to clean my floors. This is awesome because it helps the mop head to last longer, and helps keep your floors cleaner because you aren’t mopping with a dirty mop head!

If you need help with your floors, you can go to The Libman Company’s website and sign up for their newsletter and get a $3 coupon for your next Libman purchase! You can find the full range of Libman products at your local Canadian Tire or Home Depot.

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